Today's offer: £10 bistro bargain at Sainsbury's

Simply take your pick from any Sainsbury’s main, dessert and bottle of wine and it’ll cost you as little as £10 to have a delicious feast at home.

It’s all part of the Taste the Difference range – the only problem here is choosing!

Chicken and Red Wine, Madeira and Mushroom Sauce sounds so tasty, while we’re tempted by Chicken, Potato and Pesto.

And then you could go for Lemon and Berry Torte for a refreshing taste of summer.

Then, say cheers to your great savings with a bottle of red, white or rose.

Main meals come in at £7 alone, so add on the most expensive wine and dessert, and there’s up to £10 worth of savings!

Tuck in – deal ends Tuesday.