Q: Where can I buy the cheapest Easter eggs?

A: Easter may still be under two weeks away, but the Easter egg bargains to be had at the big supermarkets are short lived, so it’s best to stock up soon. Here’s my guide to the best deals:

Tesco – Today is the last day for many of Tesco’s great deals on eggs. Many of the smaller individual eggs, such as Cadbury’s Crème eggs, Galaxy Caramel eggs and Lindt Lindor Filled eggs, are on a three for £1.20 offer (individually 60p each), and you can still pick up a huge range of the smaller eggs, such as the Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Buttons egg (101g), on a two for £2 offer (individually £1.30).

You can also buy three of the larger eggs with mugs, such as the Kitkat Chunky egg and mug (196g), for £10 (individually £4). Tesco also stock the award-winning ChokaBlok range of Easter Eggs.

Although the super-thick chocolate eggs, such as the popular American Dreamcake, look and taste ultra luxurious, they are actually only £5 for the 300g eggs – so a great choice if you want to impress for less.

Sainsbury’s – If you’re looking for large Easter eggs, Sainsbury’s have got £1 off many of the top varieties, with a little extra thrown in. For example, you can get a large Cadburys Mini Eggs egg, plus a 100g bag of Mini Eggs for just £5 (normal price £6).

You can also pick up two of the most popular small individual eggs and treats, such as Cadbury’s Crème Eggs and Cadbury’s Caramel Easter Bunnies, for just £1 (normal price £1.20).

Asda – All medium Easter eggs at Asda are just £1. These include Rolo, M&Ms, Mars, Kitkat and Cadbury’s Caramel eggs. Like Tesco, Asda is also selling the larger eggs with mugs on a 3 for £10 deal, but this deal does not have an end of today cut-off unlike Tesco.

And if the popular Lindt Gold Bunny is your favourite, you can pick up two of the 100g milk chocolate variety for £4 (normal price £3 each).

Waitrose -Many medium eggs, such as the Maltesers egg (158g), and the popular Smarties egg (138g) are half price at Waitrose at £1.50.

You can also pick up three small Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Buttons eggs (101g) for £4 (normal price £1.85 each). You can also buy two Mini Egg bags (100g) for £2 (normal price £1.30 each).

Stocks are limited on many of these offers, so stock up now!

Andrea Ventress, money expert


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