Woman putting money in purseQ: So many energy companies have put up their prices recently, is it too late for me to beat them and save money?

A: No, but you must look at what you’re paying now, investigate the best dest deals for you and switch before they are pulled.

Currently, some of the best deals are the ones where you fix what you pay until 2014 to avoid this autumn’s price hike and any planned to come.

It’s best to look at the top comparsison sites such as MoneySupermarket or Energyhelpline, as you can often earn cashback for switching as well.

The current deals worth looking at are Scottish Power’s 31 March 2014, which fixes your price until Spring 2014, but allows you to leave should a better deal come along. On a dual fuel deal, paying by monthly direct debit, the average monthly cost is about £95.

You can pay less (around £90 a month) with First Utility’s 31 March 2014 deal, but it will charge you a £60 exit penalty fee (dual fuel) should you want to leave the deal early.

It’s definitely work checking now if you can fix a cheaper rate. Most customers on a standard tariff will save over £200 a year by switching.

Andrea Ventress, money expert

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