Woman at Petrol PumpQ: If I’m filling up over the next week, is it cheaper to head to a supermarket?

A: As always, I would first recommend visiting petrolprices.com, entering your postcode into their search device and finding out the cheapest  fuel prices in your area.

However, three of the top supermarkets have just announced they are slashing 2p per litre from unleaded petrol.

Asda’s fuel price slash happened on Thursday 25th October, when the chain promised no customer would pay more than 133.7p per litre. Tesco and Sainsbury’s followed suit with a similar up-to-2p reduction claim.

Not so great news for diesel car owners though as prices remain around 139p and upwards per litre.

The current price reductions go some way to mirror the 4p drop in petrol wholesale prices recently, but not far enough. Fingers crossed that means there are more price cuts to come.

Andrea Ventress, money expert


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