Q: How will my Red Nose Day donations help?

A: Even the smallest donation of £1 can make a difference to the many charities Red Nose Day supports.

£2 could pay for two children in Uganda to be tested for malaria, so they can get
a quick diagnosis and receive the life-saving treatment they desperately need.

£5 could pay for a vaccine to help protect a child in Malawi against deadly diseases such as Tetanus and Hepatitis B.

£25 could provide a therapy session for a child in the UK traumatised by neglect and abuse.

£50 could pay for five young people with an eating disorder to talk to a support worker during a crisis.

£100 could provide 80 children with life-saving drugs until they reach a hospital in Africa or could provide two sports sessions for disabled children and their friends in the UK.

So, how can you help raise these much-needed funds? If you haven’t already, go out today and buy one of the many Red Nose Day goodies, such as noses, wrist bands, T-shirts or deeley boppers from sainsburys.co.uk, tkmaxx.com, rednoseday.com or from Oxfam stores.

You could sponsor any friends, family or children who are doing events for Red Nose Day. Alternatively, you could donate directly through the Red Nose Day website.

And remember, if you are a UK taxpayer, if you select yes to Comic Relief claiming Gift Aid, the Government will give them an extra 25%.

Enjoy Red Nose Day!

Andrea Ventress, money expert


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