Q: How can I make money this New Year’s Eve?

A: If your finances have taken a hit this festive season, you might be looking forward to New Year’s Eve with dread. Yet another night out and more money to spend.

Butt here are plenty of ways you can actually make money and see the New Year in without a headache – financial or otherwise!

As most people will have party plans, babysitters will be in real demand, so if you’re great with kids you could always offer your childminding services. The going rate per hour is at least £10, more after midnight, so you could earn up to £75 just for staying in, maybe reading a story or two and then watching TV!

There’s bound to be local friends who would snap up your services if you mentioned you were free. Alternatively, put an ad in the window of a local shop or on local area websites, such as Gumtree (http://www.gumtree.com).

If you’ve got experience pulling pints or waitressing, you could earn double or triple time at New Year’s Eve. If you don’t usually work in a pub or restaurant, you could simply do the rounds of your local favourites and offer your services. Alternatively, you could go through an agency such as Caterer.com or Reed.

And if you’re away for the whole of the festive season, why not take advantage of your empty house or flat and hire it out for other people’s New Year’s parties! It’s probably best only offering this option to people you know as security may be a concern, but if you know them too well to take money as a payment, why not accept payment in kind, such as a meal for two or a case of beer or wine. It’s still something for nothing!


Andrea Ventress, money expert


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