A Christmas table full of foodQ: How can I cut the cost of my Christmas food shopping?

A: With supermarkets packed to the rooftops with tempting festive food and drink, it’s easy to get carried away when shopping for Christmas. These tips will hopefully let you treat yourself without spending a fortune:

1. Make a strict list. Go through each day you’re shopping for and meticulously plan each meal.

2. Shop online – you are far more likely to stick to your list and not be tempted by unnecessary purchases if you buy your food and drink online. Supermarkets spend thousands designing tempting displays to tempt shoppers, so be strong and order from home.

3. If you do have to go into a supermarket, shop alone and shop on a full stomach. Kids and partners will easily sap your savvy shopping willpower and hungry shoppers make for greedy shoppers, so eat before you go.

4. Spilt the cost with family members. If you’re catering for lots of people, it’s not at all rude to ask them to contribute. Maybe one could buy the turkey, the other the cheese and another some wine and beer. Funding the whole celebration on your own is not expected nowadays.

5. Buy the right size turkey. A large 5kg turkey should easily serve 8-11 people; a medium 3.5kg bird will serve 4-7; while a small 1.5kg turkey crown is perfect for parties of four and under.

6. Prepare your own veg. Pre-chopped and peeled veggies do look tempting, but will cost you up to four times the price of unprepared ones, so just pop on the Christmas tunes, put yourself a mulled wine and get peeling!.

Andrea Ventress, money expert

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