Q: Help! I’ve been given some Christmas gifts I don’t want but can’t take back – where are the best places to sell them?

A: It’s a great idea to try to make some money from unwanted Christmas gifts. The most popular website to sell unwanted items is ebay.co.uk.

This auction site is well managed, has an average of 14 million auctions going on at any one time and you’re guaranteed a lot of people will view your item. However, the site does take 10% of anything you make.

Another good option is eBid. Just like ebay, it is an auction site, but eBid only takes 3% of anything you earn, so the returns are better.

Alternatively, you could swap an unwanted present for something you do want, without any money changing hands. Try giftcardconverter.co.uk for gift cards that you will never use and for all other items, give swapshop.co.uk a go.

Lastly, if you can’t face the hassle of listing and posting items, you could simply start a gift box and regift the unwanted items to other friends and family next year!

Andrea Ventress, money expert


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