Struggling to find a costume for tonight’s Halloween festivities? Fear not, we have the perfect last minute idea for you… 

The creative chaps over at Carling have come up with a genius costume idea that will not only save you time but also money if you’re off to a Halloween party over the next few days.

Last minute Halloween costume idea

Introducing the ‘Mumsie’…

According to leading London costume designer, Laura Sindall who has worked on films including Prometheus and X-men, as well as the Olympics Opening Ceremony, all you need to wrap-up for Halloween and go from Onesie to Mumsie is:

·         Take one ‘Onesie’ (white works best)

·         Some jersey fabric strips (easy to get and much cheaper than medical bandage) about two metres long, wrapped around and loosely stitched onto the Onesie. Wrap as much as you like!

·         4 teabags made into a strong brew. Then dab the tea around the bottom of the bandages for that distressed look (feel free to add a few splatters). No need for milk and sugar.

·         And for that authentic ‘vintage’ look, shred some of your bandages with a cheese grater

So there you have it!

For more ideas check out Carling’s new Halloween ad below…