That muffin top could be caused by anything from constipation and poor posture to lack of exercise. Start following these guidelines to help get the flat tummy you want!

DO improve your posture

Lose inches just by standing straight. Imagine a balloon is attached to your head, drawing your head and neck upwards and your shoulders back.

DON’T eat too much

This does not mean you have to graze or eat little and often but it does mean controlling portion size. Eat a medium plateful and avoid seconds.

DO chew

Swallowing lumps of unchewed food gives you stomach more work, so chew each mouthful until it turns to a paste before swallowing.

DON’T eat air

Most bloating is down to swallowed air. Chewing gum, inhaling cigarette smoke and erratic breathing are guaranteed to make your tummy bloat.

DO cleanse

Even if you have regular bowel movements, the colon needs cleansing now and then. For clean insides and a flat tum, have a supper of prune, prune juice or a glass of liver salts occasionally.