This week’s choice is a compelling thriller about a Cornish family-business-gone-global and its extremely murky past…

Fault Line by Robert Goddard coverFault Line by Robert Goddard

(£7.99, Corgi)

Jonathan Kellaway is haunted by the past when he’s tasked with investigating a discrepancy in the records of the local Cornish mining company owned by the Wren family, which has become a multi-million pound international business and employed him for 40 years. As he begins to discover the truth behind the apparent suicide of a former executive, Jonathan’s history with the Wrens, especially beautiful daughter Vivian, becomes integral to the investigation. But will his family connection draw him into danger?

JUDY SAYS: ‘I loved this book. The murderous family secrets are beautifully played out to the extent that often you don’t know if a death is suspicious or not. I adored the innocent but brave way Jonathan gets involved with every new horrific twist that this toxic family throws at him. Poor Jonathan is about to lose his innocence forever but, in a way, he never does.  In 2010, as a 60-year-old, he uncovers the truth about the Wren clan at last.  Yet he is just as loveable and instinctively wise as he was when he was 18.’

RICHARD SAYS: ‘This is a terrific thriller, full of astonishing twists and dramatic turns.  The way Goddard spins his tale of a doomed family riven with lies and guilt is absolutely thrilling. Jonathan Kellaway makes a great hero.  Throughout his long career working for the Wren family’s company as their international troubleshooter, Kellaway encounters a series of mysterious deaths, all somehow associated with his boss, Greville Lashley.  It becomes his destiny finally to unravel their secrets. A superb novel.’

OUR READER SAYS: ‘A dead friend, a lost lover and a clutch of mysteries from Jonathan’s youth in the late ’60s come back to haunt him in this race-against-time thriller. It’s a wonderfully written story packed with romance, tragedy, mystery and drama, and the characters are absorbing. Robert Goddard’s writing is so descriptive as the story goes from Cornwall to Capri, that this could almost be a travel guide. I was totally sucked in straight away and didn’t want it to end.’

Krissel McGuinness, 39, Cambridgeshire

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