woman in bed yawning and very tired

woman in bed yawning and very tired

Q: I am finding my job is making me miserable. I have diarrhoea, sweating episodes and feel panicky when I go there each day and I’m not sleeping well at all and feel shattered. What can I do?’

A: Work-related stress is becoming much more common, especially as the recession hits. The first thing to do is tell someone at work; your line manager may be best. Try and see if there are any practical changes you can easily make and if anyone can help you lift some of the burden for the time being, at least.

Next, look at your life/work balance and make sure you are spending enough time on yourself: seeing friends, exercising and relaxing. Can you arrange a few days off from work and get away for a break and give yourself something to look forward to and plan?

If all else fails, see your GP to chat about stress management programmes.

Dr Radha Modgil

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