Lady holding her head due to a headacheQ: For six months I’ve had regular headaches, which take the form of a sharp pain at the same point at the back of my head, always on the left hand side. It feels sore to press. It lasts a few hours, but goes away with paracetamol. I have no other symptoms. Do you think I should see my GP?

Annette, Caerphilly

A: This doesn’t sound like anything serious but you should see your doctor for an examination to rule out other causes.

It could be a type of headache called nummular headache, where pain is experience over a small areas of the scalp, always in the same place and without any other worrying symptoms (such as vomiting or visual disturbance).

The other possibility is a slightly different type of headache called hemicrania contunua. Both if these are treated by a tablet called indomethacin, although sometimes different medication may be needed. There is no underlying cause with either of these headaches.

Dr Helen Winpenny


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