Doctor Q&A: What does this mean?‘I’m 43 and my GP has recently told me I have osteoporosis from a scan I had. What does this mean?’

Osteoporosis is a condition where our bones become weak and more prone to fracturing. From our mid-30s we all lose bone strength as a normal part of ageing.

You probably didn’t have any symptoms. Your GP may have suspected it if you had a fracture or risk factors such as a strong family history of the condition or if you are using certain medications like steroids.

You must have had a DEXA scan which revealed osteoporosis. Treatment includes calcium and vitamin D supplements as well as some medications which can sometimes actually increase bone density.

Talk to your GP about what treatment you might receive and also about exercise you should be taking and whether you need to change your diet.

Eating healthily and stopping smoking and taking regular exercise can all help prevent osteoporosis. For more information contact the National Osteoporosis Society

Dr Radha Modgil


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