Woman with hands on hipsQ: I had both my hips replaced with titanium four years ago. Every time I go on holiday I get stopped and frisked at airport security. Occasionally they are suspicious of me, possibly because of my age – I am in my late forties – and threaten to strip search me. Can I get a medical certificate to show them I’m telling the truth? I am also having problems finding out if there are any suitable exercises to keep my hips supple.

Carol, Dundee

A: Ask your doctor for a letter outlining the situation. GPs often have to do this for patients who need to carry syringes, or strong medication, and for anyone with large amounts of metal in the form of implants, wherever they are in the body – small screws in bones or joints should not be an issue. Pacemakers may cause a similar problem with metal detectors.

Regarding exercises, walking, swimming and pilates are excellent. Ask you GP to refer you to a physiotherapist for more specific advice.

Dr Helen Winpenny


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