Doctor: Prepare for pregnancyQ: I’m 38 and met and married very quickly. I never thought I would have children but now we are thinking about trying for a family. I have stopped my contraceptive pill but is there anything I can do or should know?

A: It’s great that you are thinking about how best to prepare for a family.

If you suffer from any medical problems normally, then do go and have a chat with your GP about your plans, as medications or medical conditions need to be looked at.

We always advise pre-pregnancy vitamins, especially folic acid to reduce the risk of spinal problems in the baby, which you can buy over the counter at the pharmacy.

Sometimes you may need a higher dose of this if you have certain medical problems, so do check this with your GP, too.

Lifestyle advice regarding alcohol and smoking are also important – eg, stop smoking immediately, and if you choose to drink keep to a small glass of wine up to twice a week, plus you need to make sure you are immune to rubella before falling pregnant.

I suggest you go to  – a great website for general information.

Dr Radha Modgil

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