Counsellor: Should I quit my job

Q: When our youngest started reception, my husband nagged me to go back to work. So I found a job in the emergency department of our local hospital that involves shift work. Now he’s unhappy because he has to get up every second weekend to watch the kids. I don’t love my hours, but I do like the flexibility and the money. Should I try to find something that fits in with my husband?

Evelyn, Hampshire

A: Have you thought about getting some more childcare help? There are many teenagers and students desperate for part-time babysitting work.

Four or five hours of childcare a week would mean that your husband could get some time to relax after his working week. Plus, you would be able to keep your job and catch up on sleep.

The best part? Finding a cheap babysitter will be a lot easier than finding another job.

Emma Marlin, Counsellor


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