Counsellor Q&A: How can i help

Q: My son is 38 and a few weeks away from being released from prison. He has already been in twice before. This time I’ve said he can live with me for a bit. My partner isn’t happy but, last time, I said no to my son and he got into trouble because he had no money. I don’t know where to turn – the prison just give out a few leaflets.

Irene, Bedfordshire

A: The organisation you need to call is Nacro. You can contact its Resettlement Plus Helpline on 020 7840 6464 (your son can call freephone 0800 018 1259).

This charity assists offenders with everything from preparing for release to job hunting, CRB checks and housing.

I also think you and your partner need to agree what sort of help you are prepared to offer you son and for how long. Then, when he get home, you must draw up rules for what you expect from him and what will happen is he doesn’t pull his weight.

Good luck.

Emma Marlin, Counsellor

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