Boy logging onto a laptopQ: My son went off to university last September. He’s always been very shy and so imagine my surprise when I saw his Facebook page recently. I didn’t ‘friend’ him on purpose when he left home, but his sister left his page open on the computer and I quickly learnt he has a new girlfriend (he’s never mentioned this) and seems to spend most of his allowance on booze. Help!

Beth, St Albans

A: It’s possible that your son thinks you know about his girlfriend because he’s posted his relationship status to all his friends. So maybe it’s not a secret – you’re just not in the loop.

As for the drinking, as a mum I can’t say I approve but I’m not shocked either. My suggestion is to call him and tell him you know. Keep the conversation light-hearted – after all, it’s good news that he’s got a girlfriend and is enjoying college life.

Remind him that you have no intention of becoming friends with him on Facebook but that, at some point, you’d love to meet his girlfriend.

Emma Marlin, Counsellor


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