Counsellor: My boss is a bully

Q: I have a new job that I love but I’m beginning to think my manager is a bully. When deadlines approach, she becomes so stressed she starts shouting at us about the smallest detail. The next week she’s up for gong to the pub or out for lunch. Colleagues say I should grow a thicker skin, but it’s hard. Help!

Jodi, London

 A: In my view, screaming and shouting are a way of hitting. Instead of using her fists, your manager is using her voice.

Keep your relationship with her as professional as possible. Do not go to the pub or lunch with her. Instead, keep your head down, pay attention to detail and, if she does choose to target you more than the others, consider looking for another job.

When you work with a bully, it doesn’t matter how thick your skin is, they usually find a way to get under it.The most loving thing you can do for yourself is find a new job and leave before your self-esteem suffers.

Emma Marlin, Counsellor


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