Counsellor Q&A: Is she a gold digger?

Q: My brother is 54 and lived with our mum up until she died six years ago. He’d never had a girlfriend, but then he met a woman 25 years younger than him. He sold mum’s house (he owned half and she left him the rest), and bought a new house so he and this woman (who’s now pregnant) could live together. I think he’s involved with a gold-digger. He promised everything will go to me when he dies, but I can’t see that happening now.

Jane, Devon

A: I think this all boils down to your mum’s Will. Can you honestly say you’d be so concerned with how your brother runs his life if he hadn’t got everything?

His promise that you’ll get ‘everything’ at some point underlines the fact that he has his cake now you must wait for your piece.

Perhaps the time is right for you to talk about what happened with the will and what you need from him to put things right. Maybe all you really want is for him to verbally acknowledge how unfair it was.

Emma Marlin, Counsellor


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