Elle Sport Capris, £42

Q: I’m already worrying about baring all on the beach this summer. I’ve got dimpled skin all over my thighs and bottom. I’ve tried loads of creams but nothing seems to have worked. Is there anything you’d recommend?

Fiona Sullivan, 42, from Essex

A: They don’t call it dreaded orange peel skin for nothing. Cellulite is notoriously tricky to get rid of, with some people suffering greatly and others escaping altogether.

Get your circulation going with a bit of daily body brushing before your shower, sweeping towards your heart. We love  Sanctuary Spa Dual Performance Body Brush, £12.

You can actually get leggings now that have cellulite-busters woven into the fabric to target bumps while you wear them.

Worn during a work out or under your normal trousers, Elle Sport Slim Tech leggings, from £42, contain natural ingredients that work together to boost fat loss, minimise orange peel skin and moisturise.

Stephanie Maylor, Beauty Editor