sleep-in rollers

Boost volume overnight with Sleep-In Rollers, £16.50

Q: I’d love to try out a bouncy blow-dry like Kate Middleton or Cheryl Cole, but whenever I try to boost volume it just falls flat. Can you help me big up my locks?

Clare Mackenzie, 30, from Leicester

A: Those with thinner, poker straight hair may find it more difficult to inject a bit of volume. If you’re not blessed with Cheryl-like bounce, there are a few tricks you can try to boost lift.

First of all, don’t overload your hair with product – it will weight it down. After washing, apply a volume-boosting mousse and blow-dry hair upside down to lift the roots.

I swear by Umberto Giannini Glam Hair Massive Mousse, £5.61. Smooth through then take sections, starting at the crown, and gently backcomb  roots. Spritz each backcombed section with hairspray then go over the roots with hair straighteners, rocking back and forth for a few seconds.

It’s this stage that gives the hair memory to retain its lift. Smooth the hair over with a brush and you’re ready to go. I use this technique for nights out and the volume really does last for hours.

I’ve also just discovered Sleep-In Rollers, £16.50 for 20. They’re made of foam so – while they’re not the most comfortable night-time attire – you can easily sleep in them. The bouncy, blow-dry-like result is more than worth it.

I find they hold the style even better if you put them in when hair is slightly damp. In the morning remove the rollers gently, brush through with your fingers and spritz with a flexible hold hairspray.

Stephanie Maylor, Beauty Editor