black french manicure

Black French manicure with matte and glossy top coats

Q: I’ve seen loads of gorgeous nail art accessories in the shops and spotted them on a few celebrities. I’d love to try it but worry I’m a bit old. 

Anne Fox, 55, from Edinburgh

A: In my opinion, you’re as young as you feel, so there’s no reason why you can’t try out the nail art trend. It’s all about picking the right tools and patterns to suit you.

Right now, I’m loving the anti-French manicure, with matte black polish across the nail bed and glossy tips (see my own DIY attempt left).

You can do this with any colour – greys, pinks and blues also look fabulous with this technique. Simply apply two coats of your chosen polish (I used Barry M Nail Paint in Black 47, £2.99) and then paint on Rimmel Pro Matte Top Coat, £4.59.

Carefully apply your nail polish again on the tips in as straight a line as possible, then add a final coat of Sally Hansen Diamond Shine Top & Base Coat, £8.69, over this to boost gloss.

For an even easier way to try out this mani trend, choose one of the new patterned nail art stickers from Kiss or Elegant Touch.

L’oreal Paris is about to launch some gorgeous 3D patterns in python prints and bewelled finishes – Color Riche Nail Art, £9.99. Look out for them in Boots soon. Simply match the sticker size to the nail, press down and file off the excess. You’ll be able to enjoy a manicurist-worthy pattern for up to 10 days.

Stephanie Maylor, Beauty Editor