Think you can’t have pasta on a diet? Think again! Here are some yummy meal ideas for dinner around 500-600 calories –

90 grams (dry weight) of spaghetti, fettuccine, penne, linguine etc

add ONE of these toppings

– Tomato and vegetables (courgettes, onions, peas,carrots etc)

– 1 slice of smoked salmon cut into strips, added to the cooked hot pasta. Stir in 2tbsp creme fraiche

– 2 tbsp white crab meat with 1 tbsp chilli oil. Add to the drained pasta and heat through gently

– Cherry tomatoes and mozzarella – add a handful of cherry tomatoes to olive oil and heat through. Add chopped basil and 28g baby buffalo mozzarella and throw into the cooked pasta

– Basic Bolognese – add 2tbsp cooked minced beef, garlic and tomato sauce to cooked pasta

– Broccoli, broad beans and peas with a dollop of creme fraiche

Serve with plenty of colourful mixed salad OR a selction of steamed vegetable.

Follow with mixed fruit salad.