The world’s leading hand model, Gemma Howorth, whose palms have posed for Kate Moss and January Jones, shares her tips for younger-looking hands. 

1. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

2. I sunbathe with gloves on! Most people think I am crazy, but if I don’t then I notice wrinkles after just one or two days in the sun. Obviously I am a top hand model, so for everyday people I suggest wearing a sun block or very high factor on your hands

3. Try not to wash your hands too much, as water is very drying and ageing

4. Wear gloves in winter to protect them from the cold, which is very drying and then going from cold to warm rooms is not great for the skin

5. Always use washing up gloves to do any house work or washing up

Gemma is currently working with Stylfile’s new S-Clipper, £8.99,, a scissor-like nail clipper that has a curved edge to shape nails