Q: How can Twitter and Facebook save me money?

A: If you’re a big fan of Twitter and find that a lot of your tweets are retweeted and your followers are growing, or you get a lot of likes to comments you make on Facebook, you could be of interest to PeerIndex.

PeerIndex measures social media interactions across the web and gives you a score to show how influential you are.

This group has now joined up with a number of different firms such as Naked Wines, PrezzyBox and BlinkBox to offer rewards for being active on social media, such as free movie rentals on blinkbox.com or £30 off certain wines at Naked Wines.

So how do you get involved? Simply visit sign up to PeerIndex via your Facebook or Twitter account and your social media activity will then be tracked.

The idea is that the more influential you are on social media, the more likely you are to tweet about the great discounts or freebies that you’ve received, so the better deals and more freebies you’ll be offered.

It’s worth a try!

Andrea Ventress, money expert


HAVE YOUR SAY! Have you signed up to PeerIndex? If so, what discounts or freebies have you been offered so far? Plus, if you’ve got a great money saving tip, send it to our money expert for a chance to win £25!