With the recent news that months of heavy rain followed by extreme cold have hit our harvests, pushing the price of the weekly shop even higher, there’s never been a better time to find ways to save on your supermarket shop. Money expert Andrea Ventress gives her top tips:

1. Always shop with a list – plan your weekly meals and check your cupboards and fridge/freezer before making a list of what you need. Then, whether you shop in store or online, stick to your list and don’t be swayed by offers on products you don’t need.

2. Shop online – supermarkets spend thousands of pounds on designing stores and promotional signs that entice shoppers to spend more. If you do your weekly shop from the comfort of your home, you’re far less likely to give in to impulse buys.

3. Buy local – shopping for fruit and vegetables from your local market stall can save you up to 30 per cent.

4. Be price savvy – if you shop online via mySupermarket.co.uk, this clever website will compare the cost of your groceries across five leading supermarkets and tell you where you can get the shop for the least amount of money. Both Tesco and Sainsbury’s are also both running a Price Promise promotion where they automatically compare your shopping – online or in store – and if it is cheaper at a range of other supermarkets, they will give you a voucher for the difference.

5. Don’t be loyal – shop around as much as you can. Almost all the big five supermarkets regularly offer impressive incentives to order your online weekly shop with them. For example, tesco.co.uk are currently offering £12 off your first shop when you spend over £60. Even if you take off delivery charges, that’s still a sizeable saving. The added bonus is that the same stores will send you special deals to entice you back while you are literally shopping around. Ocado are currently offering lapsed customers 15 per cent off their shopping bill of over £40.

6. Don’t shop hungry – you’re far more likely to add extra items to a basket if you’re craving food.

7. Shop alone – supermarkets often place enticing, high-price ‘treat’ items at children’s eye-level, leaving exasperated mums with no choice but to give in to their pleading demands. And partners are just as bad! Leave them all at home and save a fortune!

8. Drop a brand – this does work! Try it on your next trip. If you usually buy a branded washing powder, try the supermarkets’ own brand – it could save you up to 50 per cent. And don’t get sucked in by supermarkets’ premium brands – often the normal own brand is just as good.

9. Shop at bargain supermarkets – Aldi and Lidl are becoming increasingly popular with savvy supermarket shoppers. You may not recognise the brands at these bargain supermarkets, but the prices are incredible and great for bulk items such as dishwasher tablets, toilet roll and washing powder

10. Get cash back on your shop – My favourite cashback site Quidco.com  now features supermarket offers. If you grocery shop online, first visit quidco.com, enter your supermarket log-in details and it will check your basket each time you shop, putting any cash back earned into your account. If you shop in store, just upload an image of your receipt and it will do the same.

Andrea Ventress, Money Expert


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