Struggling with insomnia is the absolute worst. When you’re lay there counting sheep until ridiculous o’clock, you’ll do just about anything to drift off…

But the solution could actually be easier than you think. Your best bet for beating insomnia is to plug your headphones in and listen to some music.

According to the NHS, listening to ‘soft music’ will help you easily drift into a natural slumber.

A study found that it took less time to reach restful REM sleep after participants listened to 45 minutes of music before bed.

Victoria Williamson of the University of Sheffield said: “The first phase of our music sleep survey has been completed by 651 people, who have told us a great deal about the music that helps them to sleep.

“We discovered the top rated composer of sleep music in our sample is Johann Sebastian Bach. He was followed by Ed Sheeran, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Brian Eno, and Coldplay.

“We also found out a lot about the reasons why people are turning to music in the first place. In our research, people highlighted the importance of music for blocking disruptive external (such as traffic) and internal (like tinnitus) sounds, for filling uncomfortable silences, and providing a sense of companionship and security.”

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