In aftermath of the Dallas shooting, a story of courageous humanity has emerged.

Last week, it was reported that 12 officers and two civilians were shot after a shooter hijacked a peaceful Dallas rally about the recent killings by police of black men Alton Sterling, in Louisiana, and Philando Castile in Minnesota.

The attack began last Thursday evening at around 8.45pm, and five lives were lost as a sniper targeted police in the Dallas shooting.

President Obama called the Dallas shooting, “vicious, calculated and despicable” and the world joined him in condemnation of the attacks. 

In the aftermath of this sad and terrible event, a story of bravery and humanity has emerged that is bringing hope.

An image, that has gone viral from the evening of the shootings, shows six unidentified people, working together to shield a baby in a buggy and move the child to safety in the midst of the panic as the shooting broke out.

Dallas shooting photo

The powerful image was originally shown on CNN, but was shared widely after it was posted Nate Homan on Facebook

Along with the photo he wrote: ‘In the middle of the horror, in the wake of nightmare, amid the outrage and the call to arms is this moment of humanity: People, black and white, surrounded a baby stroller in Dallas as the gunfire broke out.

‘This is the better nature of our angels. This is who we are and who we should strive to be.’

We couldn’t agree more.