Gin, champers and plenty of cracking one liners… The Ab Fab girls always get it right.

And now, after 20 years, Ab Fab is back! Edina and Patsy will be on screens next year in a full length feature film dedicated to the pairs’ adventures… Expect Bolly on tap and expletives galore!

Watching Ed and Pat’s shenanigans has certainly taught us a lesson or two over the years…. (besides how to cope with a really, really bad hangover!)

  1. ALWAYS do everything (even winter sports) in style. With Bolly. 

Wearing as many labels as possible is mandatory. And sunnies at all time, if you want to look truly fabulous.


  1. If someone crosses you, call them out immediately

And creatively. They need to know not to mess.


  1. The meaning of true friendship

Friends come and go, but true friends will always be there for you. With a glass of wine.

friends     4.   Style is everything

Labels, labels and more labels.


  1. Be honest with yourself

And enjoy life!


  1. Know what motivates you

Like your goals. And dreams. And wine.


  1. The power of positive thinking

It is ALL about a good mental attitude…


  1. The answer to all life’s problems

Well, most of them anyway.

  1. ginandtonicAnd finally, don’t take things too seriously

Patsy knows how important it is not to let other people get in the way of your own happiness.