Animal cruelty is a subject close to our hearts. But unfortunately while we know it goes on, many abusers get away with the cruelty they’ve inflicted.

In 2013, the Animal Legal Defence Fund petitioned to create a nationwide database of animal abusers. But this register never actually materialised. A similar concept to ‘Sarah’s Law’, which prevents attackers from striking again, this would protect animals from being subjected to previous abusers.

At the moment there is no law to stop anyone who has been convicted of animal cruelty from moving a few miles up the road and then obtaining another animal to inflict further abuse on.

Here are just some of the comments on Facebook on the matter…

‘Absolutely same laws as hurting a child they are the same they are defenseless.’ Lisa Forkey Antonie

‘Yes, there should be a list. If you don’t want an animal or can no longer cope for what ever reason. Give the animal a chance to still live life to the fullest. This week on face book I have never seen such barbaric treatment in my life. These so called humans who do inhumane acts towards animals should be prosecuted and listed the same way as any other abusers.’ Michelle Sackville

‘There should be much stiffer penalties for animal abusers including having to serve their sentence working at animal shelters. Feeding, grooming and learning that animals have more feelings than they do.’ Redonna Flemmi

‘Yes a list would help to stop severe abusers of animals. But let’s not get silly about the live stock where in the U.K. They are already monitored anyway. I love all animals and I eat them as well sorry.’ Christine Cater

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‘My god YES. I got my first dog when i was 50 and he became my best friend i watched my buddy and saw just how much dogs know about humans. And have feeling and actions that show this.’ Carl Coulombe 

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