‘Shoot my wife’ – not exactly the words you’d hope to hear from your nearest and dearest…


If you were held up in a bank heist with your other half, the one thing that you’d think you could count on in this horrific situation is their support.

Well apparently not if your husband is Tommy Jones, from Headly Downs, Hants, who shouted “shoot her – she means nothing to me” when robbers pulled a gun to his wife’s head.

But before we label Tommy the worst husband, perhaps ever, we really should add that he actually made this bizarre comment with his wife’s best interests at heart.

He believed that by disassociating himself with his wife, he would divert the robbers’ attention and prevent her being used as bate. His comment was also an attempt to confuse the gunmen, throwing them off guard. And it worked.

While they emerged wounded and severely shaken, both Tommy and his wife Abbey survived the ordeal – partly thanks to Tommy’s quick thinking.

After baffling gunman Jonathan Pay, Bobby wrestled him to the ground. But the trucker was then stabbed by Pay’s accomplice and shot in the face with an airgun. The pellet is still lodged in his brain, causing the grandfather sleeping problems and headaches.

After the commotion, the gunmen darted, leaving an injured Bobby to comfort his terrified wife.

“It was pure instinct,” he told Good Morning Britain. “I though, make them think I’m not a part of her. I’d just hit him and though he might want to get back at me.

“I wanted to throw him, but admit it could have gone either way.”

Understandably his wife Abbey was too pleased at the time. “Afterwards I did say to him, ‘Well, thank you very much’.”

Tommy and Abbey, 49 are both up for a Chief Constable’s bravery award.

Jonathan Pay, of Lindford, Hants, was caught after the incident and got 16½ years’ jail at Winchester crown court.

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