When they said life beings at 40, they knew what they were talking about!

So we’ve already discussed why your 50s is going to be your best decade yet, but when it comes to sex appeal, 40-something women have it in abundance. Like a fine wine, we really do get better with age. Laughter lines included.

Here are 9 reasons why your 40s is definitely your sexiest decade….

1. You know what you want, and you’re not afraid to be honest about it

2. You’ve developed the confidence to put yourself out there…

3. It’s a well know scientific fact that women in their 40s are at their sexual peak…

4. And while you enjoy male company and being in a relationship, it’s not the be-all and end-all

5. You’ll have your own personal style down…

6. And rather than during your binge-drinking 20s and hectic 30s, you’ve got some time to look after you and your body 

7. You’ve learnt to be honest, with both yourself and everybody else 

8. And you know just what makes you happy

9. And finally, you’ve always got a smile on your face thanks to your super sexy squad!

Strong and sexy women everywhere, we salute you!

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