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Let’s face it. 2016 hasn’t been pretty. But as it draws to a close, we’re looking forward to 2017 and the predictions for the year ahead.

While we can’t promise Mystic Meg giving you a personalised fortune forecast, our resident astrologer Wendy Bristow has an excellent track record when it comes to predicting the future. So if you’re curious about what 2017 has in store… Just scroll down and look at her 2017 horoscopes predictions below….


We may not like it, but we’ve become used to bigger and faster changes over the past five years than we experienced in the years immediately before. It’s been down to the slow-moving outer planets, Pluto and Uranus, clashing with one another. So there have been sudden revolutionary changes we couldn’t have predicted, and upheavals and transformation.

In 2017, change continues, but won’t be so extreme and, actually, the year’s biggest influences help stabilise things. In the world and in our own lives, this is a year when we can create order out of the chaos.

Of special note are Librans, who will have a lucky year up until October, when it’s Scorpio’s turn to reap out-of-the-blue opportunities. Virgos and Pisces have relationship turnarounds, Sagittarians continue to work like dogs, and Leos and Aquarians see significant endings and beginnings.

In March and April, we all look at our relationships and give them a spring clean, so use my guide to help you plan for the next 12 months.


BEST BITS Think romance is dead? Think again. There are some peak hearts-and-flowers moments in 2017. Whether or not you’re a Virgo whose love life has been in the doldrums lately, the eclipse on 27 February could bring someone new your way. Early October is also super romantic – the 5th, when the love planets couple up in your sign, could just be your year’s best day. It’s a fabulous time for money and makeovers, too.

WATCH OUT FOR A family member could be going through a difficult time – or giving you one! Both children and parents could be problematic. In April, you’ll be seeing the whole relationship in a new light. Leave taking action until that month is through.

YOUR BIG BREAK The Virgo New Moon on 20 September presents your own personal fresh start.


BET BITS Children, lovers and things you do for the sheer hell of it bring you more joy than usual this year. Your own kids, or children you know, could have some bumper experiences right up until autumn – win awards, fall in love, that kind of thing. You could have a major flirtation, too. If you’re single and find yourself with someone older, he’s a keeper. Top time for making money? 1-25 August.

WATCH OUT FOR Is your partner working too hard? Saturn still casts a cloud over partnerships in 2017 and it’s a testing time. Fortunately, right at the year’s end, it all gets much, much easier, so hang in there.

YOUR BIG BREAK 25 May is great for getting the ball rolling on important goals; 3 December is big for relationships.


BEST BITS Between 6 June and 4 July, you’re on top form, feeling good, looking good and, if you’re a typical Taurus, baking up a storm. In the autumn, everything starts swinging your way. By early October, the outlook for your love life and relationship with your kids couldn’t be better. Harmony reigns and right through until New Year’s Eve partnerships are on a roll, as others get good news – maybe even a promotion or salary hike.

WATCH OUT FOR Between 10 March and 20 April, you may well be tetchier than usual and dealing with a frustrating situation. Your best bet is to ask for help. Your worst bet? Saying nothing or pretending it isn’t happening. This is your chance to sort something major…

YOUR BIG BREAK The days around the Taurus New Moon on 26 April feel like your own personal ‘refresh’ when the emphasis is on new ideas, developments and beginnings. Start things now and see them thrive.


BEST BITS Your health, relationships and dealings with family should all improve this year. And autumn and winter (from October) bring lovely times and good news about the children in your life. They’ll be doing well at school or work and Christmas should be genuinely full of goodwill this year.

WATCH OUT FOR Get creative with money-making schemes in early September and the cash rolls in. Feisty Mars in your sign between 5 June and 20 July makes for a challenging time when frustrations abound. It’s great for making things happen, exercising and assertiveness, but don’t suffer annoying situations in silence or you could blow up at the wrong moment.

YOUR BIG BREAK When a New Moon falls in Cancer, you always get a burst of energy and can see things in new and improved ways. This happens on 24 June.


BEST BITS It’s a significant year for relationships. Until October, Jupiter’s abundant influence improves close friendships, romances and work partnerships. If you’re single, there’s more than one option. Coupled up? You see your family expand, move to a bigger home or have the trip of a lifetime together.

WATCH OUT FOR Watch out in early March when your temper – or speediness – could get the better of you.

YOUR BIG BREAK If you’re unhappily spliced, that divorce could finally come through and, after October, your sex life seriously hots up! All year, partners are lucky with money and you benefit, too. Uranus is still in your sign, creating more upheavals, huge surprises and unexpected changes.

 LEO 23 JUL – 22 AUG

BEST BITS Relationships are big news this year. From May onwards especially, a fated feeling creeps in, bringing big coincidences and meetings that feel ‘written in the stars’. Say yes to all social invitations and network like blazes on the work front. August brings all sorts of big changes, then after October, all things domestic get a reboot.

WATCH OUT FOR All year, you make money via communication, whether asking for a rise or using social media to promote a product – mid to late April is especially good.

YOUR BIG BREAK 21 August – and five or so days either side – is your prime moment of 2017. Leos are super powerful. Start something now and it’s guaranteed success.


BEST BITS The feel-good influence of Jupiter in your sign right up until mid-October promises lots of fun – and could even leave you richer by the year’s end. There will be opportunities to travel, expand your life or social circle and increase happiness all round. You can also make your own luck when Jupiter’s in your sign. The time to take that holiday of a lifetime is now.

WATCH OUT FOR On 4 March, your ruler turns around in your partnerships zone, kicking off a review of relationships. Critical dates are 8-15 April when any problems or difficulties are highlighted, so stop, think and talk. It’s not the best time for finances either (but it’s good for getting back money owed!).

YOUR BIG BREAK From 14 October until 6 November, your lovely ruler Venus is in your sign and all is well with the world. Whatever’s going on, you find it easier to cope with and your talents for negotiating, playing go-between and generally beautifying your environment are running on max.


BEST BITS There’s plenty to like: work’s on a roll and you could get a promotion or raise, plus family spring some nice surprises on you.

WATCH OUT FOR Meanwhile this year’s eclipses have the power to transform your love life, especially after August, so expect the unexpected. Pluto, planet of deep transformation, is still in your sign and Capricorns born in early January feel it most intensely in 2017. This influence is one of extremes – you can go to hell and back or you can become more powerful and change your life in ways you always wanted

YOUR BIG BREAK At the year’s end, on 20 December, your ruler Saturn enters your sign – a strengthening influence. You feel more at home in your own skin and you’ll get what you want via effort and determination. Those of you needing to rebuild your life for whatever reason gain the strength to do so.


BEST BITS Relationships can change – in the right direction – in 2017. If you’re single, you could well meet The One; if coupled up already, you attract people and experiences that help you fall in love all over again. It all comes to a head with two big eclipses in August, which speed up the process.

WATCH OUT FOR Meanwhile, learning, teaching and foreign travel bring peak experiences. Book that course or trip you’ve always fancied. You could get a pay rise, thanks to training that you do this year. Cash- lucky month? January. From May until the year’s end, you have times where the side of your character you’re least proud of is running the show. You could get pulled back into old, unhelpful habits or dig up old grudges. On the plus side, if you can catch yourself and break the pattern now, you crack it for good.

YOUR BIG BREAK The eclipse on 7 August brings your feelings about something or someone to a head – and makes you super clear and excited about what you can do about it.


BEST BITS If your relationships are out of whack – you’re doing all the chores, say, while others lounge around – in 2017, you
can bring them into balance. It’s a top year for partnerships and friendships, when harmony, understanding and equality is easy to achieve.

WATCH OUT FOR Taking a trip with a group of friends brings big fun. Summer’s hot for money making, especially if you take advice from friends or team up with family.

YOUR BIG BREAK Saturn ‘The Tester’ hangs in your sign most of the year. Upside? You get a promotion or see payback for years of effort in any aspect.


BEST BITS Your favourite part of the year will be the last three months, after Jupiter, planet of good luck and abundance, comes into your sign on 11 October (and stays a whole year). It’s a feel-good influence and you’ll love every minute.

WATCH OUT FOR Right up until October, you truly have to work hard for every penny. Maybe because there’s some major expense you hadn’t bargained for. Put some effort into budgeting this year, though, and it truly pays off.

YOUR BIG BREAK Note 13 November in your diary. The conjunction of two feel-good planets in your sign brings lucky breaks to do with money, looks and love. You can charm the birds out of the trees.


BEST BITS It’s a lucky year for finances, when you benefit from money that comes from others, such as a partner’s bonus or an inheritance. As for your own job or some important project, you can make serious progress and even end up an expert in your field.

WATCH OUT FOR Neptune’s influence all year brings times when you feel confused and it’s hard to make decisions. Ask for advice. Your trickiest month is January, especially mid-month.

YOUR BIG BREAK April brings a relationship re-adjustment, but this is all about a new phase of your life, which suits the person you are now. Use the vibe to take action around then to make your dreams come true.

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