58-year-old grandma, Stephanie Arnott told us her beauty makes men cry!

Stephanie Arnott told us in this week’s issue that she thinks totally gorgeous and she makes grown men cry!

With her glossy black hair, enviable figure and skimpy bikini, the word ‘grandma’ isn’t the first thing that springs to mind when you look at Stephanie. ‘I’ve always taken pride in my image,’ Stephanie says. ‘Why should I stop now?’ Yet the 58-year-old temp worker goes further than simply claiming she’s attractive. She reckons she’s so beautiful, her looks have got her into trouble in the past, costing her friends, jobs and even causing road accidents. ‘It’s the price I have to pay for looking this good,’ she sighs.


Stephanie says that, by the age of 18, she could barely walk down the street without soliciting wolf whistles and appreciative glances from everyone who passed. It was then that she met Andy, a merchant navy officer, in a nightclub. ‘Andy was blown away by my beauty and we were married within three months,’ she explains.


Desperate to maintain her appearance, she had a few rounds of Botox, costing up to £350 a time, a £600 skin care regime, and is even getting crowns fitted on her teeth. Her next procedure will be a £2,000 mini-facelift. But Stephanie insists that now, aged 58, she still looks 20 years younger than her true age and her confidence is higher than ever. ‘I may be getting older but men still stare at me wherever I go. I was at a pub recently when I got chatting to a local man and his wife. The man went red and his eyes welled up. I’d reduced him to tears!’

What do you think? Is Stephanie confident or deluded?