This chocolate hotel is a wonder to behold!


As chocolate lovers, we’re always looking for creative ways to get our next fix of the sweet stuff.

This time it comes in the form of a chocolate hotel – proving that dreams really can come true! Those Chocolate connoisseurs over at Hotel Chocolat have opened up the luxury Boucan hotel, set amongst the sun-drenched cocoa groves of Saint Lucia’s oldest plantation, Rabot Estate.

But while we can’t get enough of the stunning hotel views…

chocolate hotel

And those glorious poolside swings…

chocolate hotel

We were hoping for something a little more, well…chocolatey!

Enter The Chocolate Botique Hotel in Bournemouth. They have really embraced the whole ‘chocolate hotel’ thing, from desserts to decor! They have everything a dedicated lover of chocolate could wish for, including:

Chocolate-themed rooms….

chocolate hotel

Chocolatey extras including a chocolate fountain…

chocolate hotel

And finally those all important chocolate cocktails…because life is too short to be good all the time!

chocolate hotel

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