If you love being in front of the camera, and aren’t afraid to bare all to a potential audience of millions – then a career as the star of a reality TV show could be beckoning.

We can’t promise you more than your five minutes of fame, but if you play your cards right – and jump through enough hoops – you could very well become the next Rylan Clark or Josie Gibson!

In fact as your reality TV show career goes from strength to strength you could even be on your way to making millions. A reality TV show rich list complied at the end of 2015 put Kim Kardashian West in first place in the ranking. And yes you’ve guessed it, her earnings did go into double figures – a cool £45m in just one year!

And the good news is that whatever your particular talents, they’ll be a reality TV show to suit you. It’s not all about being an extrovert, you can also make your reality TV show mark by being your down to earth self.

So take our quiz and find out where you fit it when it comes to the world of reality TV.