Which mum tribe are you in?

It doesn’t matter how many kids you’ve got, whether you work or if you are married, when it comes to the school gates we all fall into one of the below ‘mum’ categories. Even if you never run late for anything, chances are you’re the late mummy at the school gates – everyone has their school gates persona! Which mum at the school gate are you?


The Desperate Housewife ladies ticked every mum box!

The Desperate Housewife ladies tick every mum box!

The late, always-rushing mum AKA the working mum!
You are always rushing through the gates with kids that are still chowing down on their breakfast and you’re always panicking at pick-up! You’re usually pretty good when it comes to time keeping but when it’s the school run – you’re never on time!

The overprotective mum
You always have an eye on your child, watching them on the climbing frame and worrying so much that it’s impossible to talk properly to other mums! You fear the common cold like most women fear spiders and you often send your child to school in a winter coat when it’s really not that chilly!!


The yummy mummy
While other mums show up in a pair of jeans with their hair in a ponytail (and that’s on a good day!), you always look fabulous no matter how early it is. You always find time to apply the perfect make-up and you still carry your amazing Mulberry handbag instead of the common rucksack which is VERY daring for a mum of young kids!

The workout-loving mum
Arriving in your gym gear, we all want to know the secret as to how you can be a parent AND live this kind of lifestyle! How do you make time for a run before school?! Most of the others mums secretly fear you and are impressed in equal measure! You speed walk from the car to the school and are often seen jogging with your dog. You are amazing!


The competitive mum
Your five year old is a cricket star, your two year-old can speak French and your daughter plays the violin at the start of assembly. You often saying things like ‘what noise does a cow make’ to the tot in your pram and you’d always rather discuss next year’s exams, how good your kid is a tying their own shoe laces and what age they started reciting the alphabet than what was on the telly last night. You can’t help it, you are obsessed with how well they do!


The mum of many
You rush around the school to get one child from nursery and then rush to pick another up from the main playground – you are always in a hurry. Kids, bags, coats and more kids hang from you like leaves on a tree! You know every other mum and teacher, since you have a kid in each year!


The knackered mummy
You arrive with a food stain on your top that you are trying to pull off as a normal t-shirt even though it’s your pyjamas. You’ve forgotten the children’s lunches because your newborn was crying and you just want to shout from the school roof top that you’ve had NO sleep for weeks and you’ve been living on chocolate and coffee so you’re brain no longer functions properly ok!!!

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