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Handwriting experts have poured over our every scrawl to dig deeper into our psyche’s for centuries. And what our loopy gs and perfectly dotted t’s can reveal about our characters is fascinating!

what does your handwriting say about you?

These insights from from pen experts Pen Heaven will show you what your penmanship means for your personality. Happy reading!

Small script

If you believe that small is beautiful, then you could be flexing your grey matter more than most. Those who write in miniature are usually boffins in training, working as scientists, lawyers and technicians. Ooo er! The precision needed to write in smaller case also means you’re great at focusing on the job at hand!

Large script

Those who use are large script are naturally creative and rarely ever get bored. Long lettering also shows you’ve got an open mind and a wide perspective on the world.


The harder the pressure you apply when putting pen to paper, the deeper your emotions run and vice versa.

Angles and spacing

If you have wide spaces between your letters, you’re a free spirit, who has a relaxed attitude to life. On the other hand if you look back at letters you’ve written and realise the words on the page are overcrowded it could be a sign of someone who doesn’t value other people’s space and is quite intrusive.

When it comes to large loops for y, g, p and l, the more curvaceous and rounded the lettering the more artistic the individual. Paintbrushes at the ready! Narrow loops, however, are thought to reflect a narrow mind.

Crosses, Dots & Slants

According to those in the know the way you cross your the letter t – lowercase – says a lot about your self esteem.

Short line/Long line: Crossing a t with a short line indicates a lazy streak while a long line indicates a determined personality.

Midline/Top line: A t crossed in the middle suggests a person who is secure and comfortable in themselves. There’s also good news if you cross your t at the top, as you’re an eternal optimist who’s always looking on the bright side of life.

And if you thought that was interesting, the dots at the top of the letter i – lowercase – prove to be even more revealing. Representing your ego here’s what your choice says about you.

High dot: A high dot shows a precise and exacting nature.

Left dot: You may have been accused of procrastinating more than once!

Right dot: Apparently a sign of a deluded personality. They said it, not us!

Circle: Just like Peter Pan who are quite happy never to abandon your childish ways. And a touch of eccentricity naturally comes with the territory.

Slash: A sign of someone who is self-critical.


Legibility: With a legible mark you let others know you are strong and confident. Those who sign in ineligible text tend to be more guarded about their thoughts and feelings.

Text size: The bigger the size of the signature, the more important the person thinks they are, whereas a small (normal size as text) signature is an expression of modesty and sincerity. Where do you fall?

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