Beware of the people who choose mint choc chip...!


First it was palms, then tea leaves, and now experts can discover aspects of your personality and your partner’s by the flavours of ice-cream that you like the most! Dr.Hirsch, who conducted the research, said the results were “surprising” – so what are you waiting for? Find out what your favourite ice-cream flavour says about you…



Ah, classic Vanilla. For those of us that prefer the more traditional and classic flavours, you really can’t go wrong with vanilla ice-cream. Although people may accuse you of being boring for choosing a fairly unexciting flavour, the research actually shows that those of us who like vanilla ice-cream are impulsive, and open to suggestions from their friends for exciting, spur of the moment trips or days out. They sound like fun to us!



There’s a fair few chocoholics amongst us, which doesn’t make for a very calm way of life seeing as chocolate lovers are dramatic and lively (maybe it’s all the sugar). They are also very good at talking to the opposite sex, as they are naturally charming, flirtatious, seductive – so it’s very easy to fall for someone who loves chocolate!



Everyone needs a strawberry ice cream flavour or summer fruits flavour lover in their life as they make the best long term partners! They are also likely to have the strongest marriages as they are very tolerant and devoted people.


Rocky Road

You would think that fans of rocky road might be a bit zany as they pick a flavour with a mix match of ingredients, but Dr.Hirsch says, “those who prefer Rocky Road are actually very good listeners.” They also tend to be good at speaking to big groups of people and make good teachers as they are very engaging.



A firm favourite, lovers of this green ice cream are laid back, sophisticated and love to learn! Whether it’s watching a documentary on TV or adding another book to their ever-expanding bookcase, they always like to be learning something new.


Praline ‘n Cream

Like the people who would choose strawberry ice cream, any one who picks a Praline flavoured treat will also make a great life partner. They are endlessly loving and supportive, so will be by your side whenever you need them!


Mint Chocolate Chip

This refreshing flavour should send you warning signs about your other half! If you like mint chocolate chip, you are more likely to be argumentative, and scared of trying new experiences or new things. Don’t expect them to treat you to a cone either – because they also have a tendency to be tight with money!


Cookie Dough

This ice-cream flavour is one of our favourites and we’ve been guilty of eating our way through a tub in the past! As well as tasting great, it also suggests great things about our personality, as fans of the quirky flavour can be ambitious, with a great imagination and potential for a bright future. Cookie Dough lovers can also be highly competitive – so don’t try and beat them to the final bite!



Not to be confused with lovers of a morning caffine cuppa, coffee ice-cream lovers tend to be people who like the great outdoors and love animals! Perhaps the like to ride horses, or maybe even just pet other people’s dogs on the street – either way they’re at their happiest when surrounded by four-legged friends (and, of course, ice cream)


Cookies and Cream

Not only is this a great choice of ice cream flavour, but the person who chose it makes a great team players, as they are competent and a go getter. They’re also generous – so we’ll have two scoops with extra sprinkles please! 😉


Sherbet/Rainbow sorbet

Dr.Hirsch says, “we found that people who prefer Rainbow Sherbet are more pessimistic than you would think, in spite of the flavor’s bright taste profile.” Guess tasting the rainbow isn’t always a good thing!