This is scarily accurate!


If you’re regularly dropping phrases like the ‘keys to your future’ and the ‘door to your past’ into your conversations, then you’ll love this quick insight in your psyche. Posted on the World Seminars Blog this arrangement of colourful doors is so much more than an ode to interior design. In fact, the door that you are most drawn to can reveal fascinating insights into your personality.

Made your choice yet? Here’s what it means about your future…

1 – You’re a fun, light-hearted person that appreciates the simple things in life – from the smell of freshly baked bread to a hot bath. You love travelling and experiencing new cultures. You’re never happier than when supporting other people and creating a welcoming atmosphere. However, its important to remember to make time for your own needs, while carving out time for others.

2 – You’re a perfectionist who loves things just so. From a clean and tidy home to goals achieved in both your professional and personal life. But while achievements and keeping up with the Joneses is all well and good, life is all about balance. Take time to plan adventures that will take you out of your regular routine and surround yourself with colour. These small changes could make a big impact on your life.

3 –You’re a creative individual who’s a dab hand at most things – from upcycling to arts and crafts. While you love living out your daydreams, getting out in nature will help you to feel more grounded. Country walk anyone?

4 –You love expressing yourself through writing, music, art or similar. But on the flip side you can also keep your cards close to your chest. Your friendly and open manner can mean that people often don’t delve deeper, but talking about your concerns and feelings could prove to be just the tonic. And you’ll soon find that everyone – even the seemingly most capable people – have their insecurities and imperfections.

5 – Being productive and useful is central to who you are, and you’re schedule is likely to be packed to the hilt. But while there’s a positive side to being the person that everyone relies on, you may feel depleted. Ensure to work some ‘me time’ into your day and try out those hobbies that have been on your to-do list for years.

6 –You’re a confident person that lives by your own rules, while still having the appearance of holding it all together. On one side you may be perfectly preened with immaculate clothing and make-up, while on the other side your messy bedroom may leave a lot to be desired. With two completely contrasting sides to your personality who may want to take some time to reflect on who you truly want to be.

7Family and friends mean everything to you and you’ll do anything to support them. You are also very sentimental and love to be surrounded by objects that hold particular memories for you. But is all this familiarity potentially holding you back? Try to look beyond your role as as a mother, father, wife, husband, teacher, manager etc and remember to work on your needs as an individual. What do you want your future to look like? And what new experiences could help get you there?

8 –You have a playful personality that keeps you youthful. And while this can mean you are laid back in one respect, you can also be anxious about specific things in your life. Remember that other people are willing to help you with the trials and tribulations your face in life, and that you can tackle your fears while holding on to your fun side.

9 –You’re a problem solver, who instantly knows how to make the best of any given situation. For you life is all about the basics and living as fuss-free life as possible. But while over-indulgence is never good, give yourself permission to have the occasional luxury treat. After all you do for others, you’ve definitely earned it.

10 –You’re a reliable person that appreciates stability, security and safety. You like to work through problems on your own, and you’re a stickler for detail. Now could be exactly the right time to explore your creative side and find out what lies beyond your comfort zone.

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