trolly rage

We’ve all been there.

Stood at the self check-out, late for work, with that intensely irritating voice bossily telling us to ‘remove item from the bagging area’.

Road rage is old news. We’re now subjected to a far more intense form of anger – trolly rage.

If I had a pound for ever time I heard someone shouting expletives at the self-check out, I’d have enough money to do my weekly shop in Waitrose.

Spurred on by the decline of cashiers and the rise of machines that seem to behave badly every time you’re in a rush, a quick dash to the supermarket has become the kind of experience that can raise your blood pressure to dangerous levels.

In a recent poll where 2,000 people were interviewed about their shopping habits, over two thirds saw red when they heard ‘you need to remove this item from the bagging area’.

The survey was carried out to mark the return of Trollied, a Sky sitcom set in fictional supermarket Valco.


The cast of Trollied

Other top annoyances included long queues to the check out, badly behaved children and shoppers who walk too slowly down the aisle.

The survey also revealed that over half of UK shoppers would swap self-check-out technology for a return to good old-fashioned customer service any day.

We’re a traditional lot really.

What do you think? Does a trip to the supermarket get your blood boiling?

Trollied is on Sky1, Thursday at 9pm

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