She really is the coolest lady in Hollywood, and here's why!

13 very good reasons to absolutely adore Helen Mirren…

She gives as good as she gets!

Helen Mirren has had to take her fair share of criticism over the course of her career. However, the actress is not one to take unjust or un-called-for comments lightly! Always quick to retort or with a witty response up her sleeve, Mirren has become infamous in the industry for always speaking her mind – and telling people when she thinks they’ve stepped out of line!

One such notorious occasion was during a particular outrageous and sexist interview that Mirren had to endure with Michael Parkinson in 1975.

During the course of the interview (below), Parkinson repeatedly refers to Helen Mirren’s figure and talks about her as a ‘sex queen’. He even has the audacity at one stage suggest that Mirren is not a serious actress. To this Mirren responded, “What do you mean in quotes? How dare you”. She also shuts down his “boring questions.”

In hindsight, Parkinson reflected recently that the interview was ‘cringeworthy’.

“When you’ve had a career as long as mine, you’re going to have lots of cringeworthy moments and that was one of them” Parkinson said.

“She took umbrage, I don’t blame her. But she’s carried on that feud for a long time.”

When Helen got candid about her insecurities – all in the name of helping others

For a new Princes Trust and L’Oréal Paris collaboration campaign called ‘All Worth It’, Dame Helen Mirren, and 14 other inspirational ambassadors shared their personal stories of overcoming low self confidence to help others. The programme aims to help 10,000 young people across the UK turn their self-doubt into self-worth.

Speaking at the launch event for the campaign, Helen got candid about her own personal experiences of self-doubt and low confidence and shared some advice on how she tackles it:

“Self-confidence is a life-long battle, affecting people young and old… In my own experience, a sense of humour is essential to helping you through times of self-doubt or low confidence, as are your mates. Nowadays, I think social media is affecting people’s confidence, but we need to remember that the essence of being human has not changed. We need to hold on to that fact.”

Using humour to kick low esteem? We love it!

She also admitted on BBC Two’s Victoria Derbyshire show that she’s always felt insecure about her smile. Despite being seen as one of the most beautiful and sexiest women in the world! Showing it’s normal to have hang-ups, no matter who you are or what you do, Helen revealed, “It’s something I have to handle on almost a daily basis…I thought I looked stupid when I smiled”.

That time she swore on Good Morning Britain – then was baffled as to why it was such a big deal!


Dame Helen Mirren got Good Morning Britain presenters Ben Shephard and Kate Garraway into how water when she swore live on tele! The actress was recounting a camping trip with ex boyfriend Liam Neeson, saying it had ‘p****d it down non-stop’ when Ben interjected with “you can’t say those things first thing in the morning!” Helen did say sorry, but also asked “Why can’t you say that? It’s not very rude.” So sassy!

She doesn’t care what people think!


Helen Mirren may be a classy lady, but she’s not afraid to get down and have a little bum wiggle when the mood takes her. In fact, she admitted that she often tries out the craze in her own home, as it’s a great way to burn off some cals. Ooosh!

Becoming a world famous Hollywood star hasn’t gone to her head…


Anyone else with the option of riding around town in their own private, chauffer-driven car would gladly take it, but not our Helen. And not only did she opt for taking the Subway in New York, she managed to do so while looking so REGAL. While the rest of us emerge with frizzy hair and crowd sweats after a ride underground, Helen remained fully composed with perfect posture and a killer outfit. Loving those lilac gloves.

She’s totally in love with her husband – and not afraid to show it! 

helen mirren husband

Helen’s totally comfortable with herself, and isn’t afraid to plant a huge smacker on her director husband Taylor Hackford, while TOTALLY rocking a plunging white gown, just before she scoops up the Best Actress prize at the Tony Awards. Snap snap snap.

When she showed us that she’s got no qualms about getting her kit off


And with a figure that fabulous, why would you?

She’s the queen of style – and proves that ace is nothing but a number!


Helen’s timeless beauty and effortless style mean she absolutely dominates on the red carpet, coming out on top in the glamour stakes against other beautiful actresses in their 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s. She may be a year off the big 7-0, but Helen’s never looked more beautiful.

She wins everyone’s hearts…


Blake Lively recently admitted that her husband Ryan Reynolds has a bit of a ‘wandering eye’ when it comes to Ms Mirren. The two starred together in Woman in Gold and the young actor was said to be enchanted by the actress. Blake didn’t mind too much though, tweeting ‘#WhereAreThoseEyesWanderingReynolds #HelenMirrenIStheSexiestWomanAlive’

She doesn’t ‘pretend’ for the cameras


We’re a society obsessed with looking as young as possible, with celebs resorting to every cosmetic trick in the book to roll back the years. But Helen bucks the trend with her graceful approach to ageing, often papped barefaced. And yes, she still looks gorgeous!

She’s not afraid to be outrageous!


Rocking a saucy leopard-print number with a rock-chick biker jacket on the red carpet? No big deal! Sexy slicked-back locks? Check! Plus, despite being happily married, our Helen’s not afraid to have a little flirt. Just check out her playful photos with Russell Brand!

That time she shamelessly went barefoot after the Tony Awards…


It’s nice to know that the fabulous Helen likes nothing more than to kick her heels off after a long day. Just like us!

She’s not high maintenance – at ALL


There’s no entourage lugging cases loaded with designer clobber for this Dame. Helen is said to just pack underwear when she goes away! Apparently the Oscar winner prefers to buy her clothes from charity shops when she gets to her destination.