cat cafe

By Lauren Hughes 

With cats being the most sophisticated of pets, it’s likely they appreciate a spot of high tea.

At least that’s what former wildlife hospital owner Liz Dyas thinks, who has opened the first ever cat cafe in Totnes, Devon.

Well okay, so they’re not really going to be drinking out of china sets and discussing Eastenders, but rather providing some company for visitors that don’t have pets of their own.

The café is essentially like any other, serving tea, coffee, cakes and sandwiches. The only difference is that it is filled with cats that customers can pet and play with.

This concept is immensely popular in Asia – there are 100 cat cafes in Tokyo alone! Stroking cats is well documented as having relaxing benefits, with some believing it can heavily reduce stress.

cat cafe

While humans can relax in comfy seats, the cats – Rolo, Lilac, Glee, Jet, Felix and Mango – get a load of toys and a climbing wall to play on. As you’d expect from the independent animals, it’s all on their terms – customers have to wait to be approached.

Owner Liz believes the idea will be beneficial for both the cats and the customers, saying that time spent with the animals has great ‘therapeutic value’.

If you’re a cat lover, this could be the purrrrfect place to hang out.

Do you think it’s going to catch on?


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