We’ve all had that feeling at one stage in our lives. An invitation comes through the door for a party or wedding that you’re going to have to brave solo, and you automatically feel the desperate panic that ‘Kat Ellis’ feels in The Wedding Date when she hires an escort to accompany her – HELP!


But happy occasions don’t have to be long tiresome evenings for us singletons. So if your current relationship status doesn’t have you planning to walk down the aisle any time soon, here’s our single ladies guide to surviving any special occasion….

Dress to impress

First impressions count for a lot at a wedding, so pick a dress that you feel fabulous in. This will help you ooze with confidence and feel more comfortable meeting lots of new people. Just make sure it’s an outfit you can dance in come the end of the night – and you pick shoes you can walk in so you won’t be kicking them off when you need to hit the dance floor!


Open your mind

Maybe you dread weddings and parties because you’re sick of being asked when you’re going to find ‘the one’ or settle down. Or perhaps you’ve already done all that and been out the other side, and so weddings remind you of a painful relationship you’d rather forget. Either way, it’s time to change your attitude and open your mind. A party is a great excuse to meet new people, have a fun evening with friends, and did we mention there will probably be free food and drink? Sounds like a good evening to us!


Phone a friend

Avoid the big ‘plus one’ palaver by asking one of your closest friends to come with you to the big occasion. Having a pal by your side is sure to boost your confidence, help you relax, and will ensure you’ll have a great time – no matter what happens!


Be careful with the bubbles

We love a good glass of prosecco, and a wedding is the perfect time to indulge in a glass or two of the sparkling stuff. But be careful, there’s nothing worse than finding yourself telling your life story to a stranger over your starter because you’ve already had one too many. Avoid any awkwardness by not getting too tipsy on the free tipples – at least not before you’ve eaten!

Get ready to mingle

There’s a good chance, especially when you attend a wedding without a plus one, that you may not know many other people there – especially at dinner if the bride and groom have got creative with the seating plan! Make sure you introduce yourself and get chatting to everyone you’re sat with. You never know who you might meet, and it can’t hurt to make a few more friends to have fun with during the evening – as they say, the more the merrier!


Dance the night away 

Being yourself and having a great time is a good way to meet people – as everyone is always drawn to the group who looks like they’re having the best time! Everyone loves a good dance at a wedding, so let your hair down and have a good time!