It's naughty but nice!

With their tagline ‘celebrate the lighter side of life’, Malteasers ads often raise a chuckle or two. But the latest ad for this moreish sweet treat has raised more eyebrows than smiles.

And the reason? It features a disabled actor using the packet of the chocolate and honeycomb-like balls to re-enact a sexual gesture. Yes you heard that right!

The ad aired during the Paralympics earlier this week, and will no doubt have caused a few awkward silences around dinner tables the length of the country.

While the ad may not have been to everyone’s taste it was all in aid of a good cause. Malteasers worked together with disability charity Scope for the ad, which aims to show more diversity on TV among its many aims.

So what actually happens?

The ad sees Inbetweeners actor Storme Toolis and two friends chatting away about an experience between the sheets. She explains that a guy who she was “getting frisky” with had placed his hand on her intimate area, and mistook a spasm she had for something else.


To which her friends reply: “That’s so awkward”. But Toolis simply shrugs off the misunderstanding, and with a huge grin on her face she says: “He wasn’t complaining”.

Cue a quick shake of her packet of Malteasers, which then proceeds to jump out and spill all over the table. And there’s no prizes for guessing what that represents!

On the ad, Lisa Quinlan-Rahman director of external affairs at disability charity Scope, said: “We know comedy is a great way to shine a light on the awkwardness that many people feel about disability.

“We hope Maltesers’ use of humour in these adverts will get people thinking differently about disability and help break down the barriers that many disabled people face.”

A huge hit with the Twitterverse!

Reactions to the advert were overwhelmingly positive, with viewers pouring on the compliments via Twitter:

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