Oh dear!

It was supposed to be an inspiring gift that would touch the hearts of Poundland shoppers across the nation. But customers were instead left open mouthed at a glaring grammar error on the bargain chain’s latest sign.

Shoppers took to Twitter in their droves to ridicule the store’s schoolboy error as it stocked shelves with the offending item from its home-ware range, seemingly unaware of its dodgy spelling.

If you haven’t spotted it yet take a close look at the second line. Yep ‘your’ is incorrect grammar. It should instead be ‘you’re’. An easy mistake to make some may say. Sadly the eagle-eyed shoppers above weren’t so forgiving.

Poundland’s grammar gaffe – the company owns up

So what does an official spokesperson have to say on the matter?

“It seems we’ve been so preoccupied believing in our dreams that we missed this grammatical error.

“Thanks to all the smart cookies out there who brought this to our attention – you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve been busy brushing up our skills with spelling and grammar books from our in-store collection.”

Well, at least shop bosses can laugh at themselves. On a brighter note the chain has launched a wedding range which is sure to raise a smile from at least one bride-to-be.

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