Samantha Jones may have been the most foul-mouthed, man-eating, outrageous member of the awesome Sex and the City ladies, but when she wasn’t giving X-rated tips or getting into trouble, she actually gave us some pretty sound advice when it comes to men…

For starters, she knew that men could be relatively straight forward to please…


But she also pointed out that despite their macho bravado, even the loudest lad could be complex and emotional – even if they would never admit it!


Unfortunately life isn’t a Disney fairytale – Prince Charming doesn’t exist… (sobs)


…but if you do find a good guy, don’t expect it to be plain sailing! Long relationships take work (SO true)


Sometimes you’ve just got to say it how it is…


She knew there was nothing better than bumping into your ex when you look absolutely fabulous

When it comes to guys, there are deep-set double standards (which we should prove wrong – again and again)


And it’s important to put yourself first sometimes!


And most importantly? Men don’t define us – so don’t let anything hold you back!