It’s the show that brought us some of our favourite stars like James Corden and Sheridan Smith, taught us the meaning of ‘tidy’, and made us all want to go and visit Wales for an ice-cream at Marco’s cafe. Here’s why we all love the Barry-based comedy, Gavin and Stacey!

Nessa’s one-liners

Not only hilarious, but now in regular use as part of our pop-culture vocabulary. Nessa’s one-liners such as “What’s occurring?” are the stuff of legends, and even the Prime Minister and the royal family have been caught quoting her.

Gavin and Stacey Nessa

Stacey’s positive outlook on life

Stacey taught us all to appreciate the little things in life, whether it was a tune by ‘Take That’, or trying brunch for the very first time…

“I got up so late cos I set the alarm for 10 but I didn’t get up till gone 11 and I thought well I’m too early for lunch and I’m too late for breakfast, so I just had a banana. But if anything that made me more hungry.

“So I ended up having a sandwich, some cereal and a yogurt, which is brunch innit? So I rang my mum and I said I’ve just had my first ever brunch.”


The celebrity cameos!

From Tom Jones popping up to sing with Nessa and Uncle Bryn, to Noel from Hearsay and John Prescott – many stars went on the record saying they would love to appear in an episode of the ever popular show.


Doris’s ever-sage advice…



Smithy’s love of food

Whether it’s the longest Indian takeaway order ever or a menu choice of fish and chips…and chips, we could always appreciate Smithy’s love of food – and his hatred of sharing!

Watching Bryn discover social media


James Corden and Sheridan Smith as Smithy and Rudi

With James Corden hosting the star-filled ‘Late Late’ show in LA, and Sheridan Smith winning awards for her roles in gritty dramas, the pair have come a long way since their days playing friends Smithy and Rudi. No matter what they go on to do though, we will always have this…